Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Rough Day

Amber has discovered the process of testing her boundaries, and it's testing my and Adam's boundaries as well (I'm actually proud...I think I've done an okay job dealing with her new found defiance). Today was the worst day thus far. As I tried desperately to sneak in a marathon dishwashing session to the delightful strains of "Little Einsteins" (usually a great entertainer of the children, but not today), Amber and Karli sneakily disappeared upstairs and left me and Annie to our own rendition of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Adam made the discovery: an entire roll of toilet paper unwound and strategically wrapped around the inside of the toilet bowl in a striking rosette pattern, completely saturated, and on the verge of decomposition.

Of course, I had to reach in and fish out the soggy mass. Eeew. Adam sent the girls to bed and gave them explicit instructions to stay put or pay the price. That price would be the always useful "blankie-in-the-garbage" routine. After three ventures from her bed and three more warnings, Adam took Amber's blanket and threw it away. It was sad, too, because he kept pleading with her to not be disobedient because he didn't want to have to toss the blankie. Amber didn't quite get it, though, and she kept getting out of bed and losing everything she held dear. I garnered quite a pile of stuffed animals, her fuzzy robe, a cotton ball, a pom pom, and several other tactile items before she finally realized we were serious.

The last time she got out of bed (it was legitimate--a potty trip), I was fixing my hair. She sobbed, "Mom, I really, really, really miss my blankie!" to which I replied, "I'm sorry you had to learn the hard way, but Dad and I are serious when we tell you to stay in your bed when you get in trouble." She slowly wrapped both arms around my leg, laid her head against my hip, and sobbed, "I love you so much, mommy!"

My eyes immediately welled up and I tried super hard not to cave. It was so precious! I picked her up and told her I loved her so much, too, that she was still in trouble, and that we could snuggle after she took a nap. Four hours later, she woke up a new woman, and Adam confessed that he had not thrown away blankie, but was hiding it for several days until Amber proves she can be an obedient child. Hopefully I can remain strong throughout Amber's brilliant exercises in manipulation and darling expressions of love. I have a feeling this is only a mild incident of what we are in for for the next twenty years!

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Since I'm always looking for excitement and adventure, I applied for "The Greatest Job in the World". In case you haven't heard about this job, Tourism Queensland is offering a position of Island Caretaker. The selected employee will experience all the tourism events on and around Hamilton Island (on the Great Barrier Reef) and will keep a blog and video journal for six months. That's right, I applied to move to Australia. I hope I make the cut!

TQ will choose ten candidates, and an eleventh candidate is chosen as a wild-card applicant from the website. The video with the most popular votes wins the wild-card position. If you have time, I'd appreciate your vote on my video. You can vote here.

I'm trying desperately not to get my hopes up. After all, there are already nearly 10,000 applicants from all over the world. It would be great fun, though, so I'm willing to give it a shot. BTW, if I get the job, you are all more than welcome to come to Australia to visit me and the fish!