Friday, March 27, 2009

Please Pass the Pink Stuff

The past few weeks at the Clark home have been full of fun and medical moments:
Amber went to the doctor for her 4-year-old check up and we discovered both of her ears were wildy infected. This was a surprise to me since Amber had not complained even once about pain in her ears. Tough gal, huh? Please pass the pink stuff.

Yesterday, Rex wandered away from me while I was picking up toys and he found the Rock Band equipment stashed in the farthest corner of our main floor. He snagged a drumstick, put the pointy end of it in his mouth (of course) and managed to fall on top of it. Yes, (gasp) it did some damage. The good news is he didn't puncture the roof of his mouth and as I found out this morning from Doctor Whiting, he narrowly missed a major blood vessel and several "important things". I about had a heart attack when I heard the doctor say that, but Rex seems to be doing alright and even managed to eat some baby food today (he didn't eat or drink anything but Popsicles yesterday). To avoid an infection, he's on the pink stuff too.

For twelve days now, I have been suffering from a condition that usually goes away in five to seven, so I'm definitely ready to be done with that, and every one of us has had a runny nose for about two months. What's going on? On the sunny side, though, the colds haven't been too bad and it's nothing a little sleep and some chicken soup won't fix.