Friday, November 14, 2008


On Monday night, I finally decided it was time to put away the Halloween decorations (no, I am not lazy. HA!). We have a hutch in our foyer that accommodates three ceramic figurines that are each illuminated by a single light bulb with a cord that requires some fancy wiring. The hutch only has a small hole in the corner of each shelf for a cord, so the plug will not fit through the opening. Hence, the cords are cut, passed through the hole, and taped together with electrical tape (ah, the things women do to decorate...).

I really am not an idiot, I promise, but as I began to dissemble the first figurine's cord, I heard a loud buzz/zap, felt a strange sensation surge throughout my body, and I ended up flat on the floor in a stupor. What the $%#&? Yes folks, I had been electrocuted. I forgot to make sure the cords were unplugged before I started unwrapping the bare wires and managed to trip the circuit breaker in the process of giving myself a nice, healthy jolt. Since the voltage was so small, I stood right up and had a good laugh at my stupid self, and cruised downstairs to tell Adam about my duncey episode. A few minutes later, though, I had to lie down for an hour and recover from what felt like the leftovers of a massive panic attack; I had adrenaline racing through my body and my internal organs felt a bit frazzled.

Call me crazy (or crazier, I guess), but I've always wondered what it feels like to be electrocuted. Now I know, and thank the heavens it wasn't a major-voltage situation that resulted in a crispy, black body and a burned-down house. Hopefully the hair on my head will grow super fast now that I've had some significant follicular stimulation.