Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh My Gosh

Where do I even begin? Today was one of those days, you know, where you just can't imagine one more thing could happen to make you loose your temper, but sure enough, there it is, and those events just keep happening all day long. The problem with today was that when I was awakened early by a constant and annoying tapping on my face by one of my cute kids (of course, on my day to sleep in), I consciously decided that today would be my day this week to keep my cool, be extra patient with my kids, and try to have fun decorating the house for Christmas. I even thought we could do a few fun projects, like make cookies or something.
WRONG! As soon as the kids were out of the tub, the naughtiness flared up and continued all day. By all three kids. Who didn't take naps. Even when they were banished to their rooms for the majority of the afternoon. Here are just a few of the highlights:

-Throwing chair cushions over the stair railing several times (a major no-no in our house)
-Spitting milk repeatedly on siblings
-Pulling hair all day long
-Hitting mom in the face
-Locking one's self into mom and dad's room, removing every item of clothing from the hangers, shelves, and baskets, and wadding them into a huge pile on the floor (breaking several hangers in the process)
-Tipping over new baby's drawers, emptying them, and scattering the freshly-washed clothes throughout the house
-Sobbing all day long
-Tattling all day long
-Not eating dinner
-Sneaking out of bed

Thankfully, my wonderful husband came to my rescue and took the kids out of my earshot for the last two hours of the evening. He put them to bed (over and over again) so I could have a much-needed break. I'm SO glad to have such a wonderful man to clean up the bathroom after Rex dumps the entire contents of the trash can into the toilet and to rescue me from motherhood-induced insanity (yep, that happened today, too).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yet Another Wonderful Role Model

Karli now has an idol that rivals Amber's "Cinnamon" obsession: Beyonce. She saw a brief snippet of her performance of "All the Single Ladies" on the MTV Awards and immediately said, "Mom, can you make me a sparkly leotard like Beyonce's and get me some high heels like hers?" I laughed out loud and Karli said, "Pleeeeease? I really love it!" Since then, she dons any pair of high heels she can find and struts around the kitchen doing Beyonce's moves. My favorite is the one where she turns to the side, clenches her hands in fists, pops one knee at a time, and does the pumping action with her hands like they do on the music video.

I heard that Santa asked Mrs. Claus to make Karli a gold, sparkly, and MODEST version of Beyonce's leotard, complete with little, ruffle-y booty shorts to go with it. I hope Karli will get the translation and be thrilled that she'll have the entire ensemble (minus the robo-glove). Now, put your hands up!