Thursday, February 11, 2010


Perhaps I have a serious case of cabin fever, but lately I've noticed a few things around here that make me laugh every time I hear/see/experience them:

Rex loves the movie "Cars". I love it when the Sherrif asks Mater "What did I tell you about talking to the accused?" and Mater says, "To not to." I love it! Larry the Cable Guy is a hoot in that movie.

While bathing the other day, Amber told me we can only talk about our private parts when we're using the bathroom or taking a bath. Any other time, she explained, we can just call them "bots, boods, and nips" meaning bottoms (the front part), booties (the back part), and nipples. Yay.

Karli gets herself dressed every day, and usually ends up with four or five outfits layerd on top of each other, complete with four or five pairs of socks. They all coordinate and it's quite the sight.

Have any of you seen "Red Eye" on Fox News Channel? Thaddeus McCotter is hilarious! I'm glad that someone from the Michigan legistlature has a sense of humor and wears a three-piece suit.

Here's to a good laugh today!