Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angels and Airwaves Concert

Adam and I hit the town last night for a fun date. We decided that if Adam passed the Bar exam, we'd buy tickets to see Angels and Airwaves at the Venue downtown. We met Derrick and Leslie at Settebello for some awesome caprese and Napolese pizza (Adam didn't like it at all, but I loved it). Then, we booked it past the homeless shelter to the old, dumpy building that used to be Bricks dance club. The concert was great!

The lead singer of AVA is the ex-lead-singer of Blink 182.

He's a great entertainer.

We escaped with only minor annoyances, like the drunken idiot who spilled his drink all over Adam's legs and new shoes, and while the music was pleasantly loud, I didn't have the metal stupor that I contracted after Metallica, meaning I could actually hear Adam speak on the way home. It was a fabulous evening. Rock on!

Snow in May

No. I am not joking. I went to buy a shaved ice the other day, and this is what I saw. A quilt. Several coats. My nose was running because I was so cold. Then, it snowed yesterday. Yep...three inches of snow on my car when I went outside. Boo.

I'm Succeeding

Tony Horton is my new fitness guru! I really love P90X and recommend it to anyone who is thinking about trying it. The workouts fly by; I can't believe how quickly the time passes and before I know it, I've been sweating and challenging my body for an hour. I always feel wiped out, but in a good way, when I finish a workout and I LOVE IT!
This is the beginning of my third week and I'm starting to get compliments on my figure. Yay! I also noticed that after four days of working out and eating properly, I could fit into my jeans much easier than before. I think I'm almost on the verge of establishing a work-out habit, too, because I actually crave the exercise every day. Hooray for finding something to get me off my lazy duff and make me feel good. Yeah, baby!