Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amber's Sixth Birthday Bash

My little girl is six! What?! Where has the time gone? I still vividly remember the month leading up to her birth, the torture of those last three weeks of pregnancy, the vain attempts at throwing myself into labor (like running two miles and jumping on the trampoline every day with that enormous belly of mine), and finally, the excitement of being induced and knowing that all those months of waiting would produce a sweet little girl and change our lives in every way. Sheesh. What a great six years!

Amber was so excited to have a big birthday party this year, and of course, her idea of the perfect party was a "Pink Stilettos Party". If you don't know about Pink Stilettos, they are a pop group who recently released their first album. They're gorgeous, talented, and even cooler, they are my sisters. Amber begged them to perform at her party and they sweetly obliged, so all the girls (and boys, and family members including grandpas and uncles)were treated to a private concert. It was awesome.

Ever the opinionated fashionista, Amber just HAD to have her own pair of pink stilettos. Fortunately, I found a sweet pair of pink, sparkly, ruffly high heels at Walmart, shoved in the very back of the dress-up section, that were screaming her name. Even better still was that they were only $4. The shoes fit her demands, and then she explained to me in great detail that she wanted a tall cake with two round tiers, not covered in frosting but in whipped cream, with a black bow and ribbon. Since fondant work scares me to death, we compromised on marshmallow flowers. The snack table included purple chocolate in the fountain, gooey popcorn, tons of cookies and other junk food, and Capri Suns tied up with a little bling for each girl (a huge, fake diamond ring--a big hit!). We even found a sassy black and pink high-heel pinata. After a frantic, last-minute set up, we were ready to rock in the studio at my parents' house.

My sisters are the best! First, they fixed Amber's hair with extensions and did her makeup. She was smokin' hot and ultra fierce.

Then, all the party guests had a shoe fashion show (Amber's idea, of course...she's obsessed), complete with a runway and an MC (my cute niece, Alyssa). Kinzie, Brooke, and Tayler were the judges, and everyone earned a cute ribbon with their superlative on it (Amber was convinced she needed the "Highest Heels" medal). We decorated little paper purses and had snacks. Then, the moment of truth: Pink Stilettos emerged and then it was a party.

They invited most of the girls up to sing with them. "Dreamgirl" seems to be the favorite of most young divas, but PS included "Crazy About You", "Runaway", "Always in Love", and "Thank You" in their set. They finished it off with a dazzling rendition of "Happy Birthday" and everyone loved it. My sisters rock!

Amber had a grand time, her friends were so adorable, sweet, and generous, and I think everyone who attended really enjoyed the show. I know for sure that these big birthday parties are going to be a seldom thing--like maybe at ages six, twelve, and eighteen. :) I don't have the stamina or financial wherewithal to produce them every year.

The Pink Stilettos plus Amber.

This is my cousin Savanna, whose birthday was the same day as Amber's party. She is so sweet and darling!

My cake started to slump halfway through the party, but it tasted great. I never look nice in pictures of my kids' birthdays because I spend all day on those darn cakes. I don't know if they're worth the trouble.
Happy birthday, sweet Amber! We love you and think you are fabulous!