Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Retro Delight

The lighting of the "Flaming Turtle" fondue was my favorite part of the class.

Last night, my wonderful friend Leslie and I went to a fondue class at Thanksgiving Point. It was great fun, great food, and I even expanded my horizon de cuisine and sampled duck. It was pretty yummy! I learned that meat and veggies can also be poached in broth rather than fried in oil (seems obvious, right? but I'm not very creative these days), which made me love the idea of fondue even more. A gal from The Melting Pot taught the class and I scored several of their yummy recipes. If you want them, leave a comment and I'll email them to you. To have an evening away from the kids with a great pal and fantastic food was delightful and I'm excited to make fondue for my family. Bon apetit!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Fever is Spreading

Since my brush with "Twilight" last week, Amber and Karli have become obsessed with Edward and Bella. Every time we see a Redbox with a "Twilight" poster, they scream out, "I SEE BELLA! I SEE EDWARD THE HANDSOME VAMPIRE WHO"S NICE! I'M GOING TO BE BELLA FOR HALLOWEEN!" It's a phenomenon and it's so hilarious.

My niece Mckinzie spent the night on Saturday and we rented the movie again. Apparently, Kinzie was the only girl in her grade who hadn't seen the movie. Amber, Karli, Kinz and I watched it (I was the trusty editor of scary parts) and all of the little girls were madly in love with Edward by the end of the movie.

For a craft project during conference, Kinzie helped my girls make picture frames that were immediately dedicated to holding pictures of Edward. Amber told me she was going to put a picture of him in the frame, then add a "true love heart sticker to make Edward fall in love with me!" I nearly died, but it was so cute and funny to hear her gushing on and on about the handsome lad.

Kinzie has a cute pink cell phone, so I made her a ringtone of "Bella's Lullaby", we printed several different photos for the girls' frames, and we even made wallpaper for Kinzie's phone of the precious moment when Edward serenades Bella on the piano. Amber kept squealing with delight, jumping up and down and doing the flittery hand thing, and I think Kinzie was thrilled with her newly-acquired Twightie status.