Saturday, January 3, 2009

All Hail the Victorious Utes!

January 2, 2009 will go down in the Clark Annals of History as the best day of Utah football thus far. The Utah Utes beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl! Do you understand how huge that is? Alabama was ranked #1 in the BCS for half of the season! All I can say is that the Utes rock, big time.

Kristi, Jake, Kinzie and Whitney came over to watch the game (what a great way to spend their second anniversary, huh?!) with our family and Greg and Leslie. We were all rooting for the Utes, but Adam, Jake and I seemed to be the most passionate fans of the bunch. Our team didn't disappoint; the first quarter was the most explosive I've seen and it was marvelous to see Barry Switzer eat his words.
This was a sweet play...just like the whole game! Playoff series and number one in the we come.
All of the kids had fun wearing Kinzie's Utes wig. Isn't red a marvelous color?

Bowling Is Our Favorite Sport

Lest you think Adam and I suddenly plunged into the twilight years of our lives or have suddenly become undeniably dorky, I mean bowl-game-watching. Yes, I am a couch potato when it comes to college football season, but I'm finding solace in my ability to stand and eat and, once in a while, jump excitedly off the couch with both of my fists clenched in reaction to a bad call or a really great play (my inner cheerleader is still alive and well) at any moment during any game. The past week has been full of great football, great food, and great fun at our house.

We cheered for Michigan State and were disappointed when they lost, but the game did make for a darling photo op. Just so you know...Adam didn't wear his MSU shirt because the game was on. He happened to wear it to bed the night before and was on his way to take a shower when I snapped this picture. Rex, on the other hand, planned his outfit carefully (read: mom is a nerd and made him wear it...go Spartans!).

Here's another darling (and planned) wardrobe-coordination moment. The Utah/Alabama Sugar Bowl was an event second in importance only to Christmas in the Clark household. We looked forward to this game for thirty-six days and are still savoring the sweet taste of victory!

Rexy and I snuggled up for some great football action. Too bad he was sick because I don't think he (or I...those sneezes and nose wipings never stop!) enjoyed the game as much as we would have otherwise.

The kids all looked darling decked out in their Utes apparel. Amber even had a red hair extension braided into her ponytail. We are red-blooded and proud of it. Go Utes!

I Swear That Kid Could Poop an Ornament

It's not just a line from "Bruce Almighty" really happened a few days ago. Rex is fully mobile now, so he has made his way across the floor of our house many a time, picking up and ingesting any sort of foreign object he finds along the way.
The other day, he had a stinky diaper, so I laid him down and began the oh-so-awful process of changing him. After I wiped off the offensive matter, I noticed a small, silver shard of what looked like tinsel still stuck to his (please pardon the graphic nature of the following statement, but it's imperative to the plot) rectal area. I grabbed a fresh wipe, fashioned a modified glove, and proceeded to grab the silver tinsel to remove it. To my horror, it was not just a shard. I pulled and pulled and pulled and the result was a streamer about 13 inches long! It came right out of his bum!
Can you believe it? I couldn't. How did he swallow that whole length of streamer without choking? It was a horrific and hilarious sight to behold. I think it's safe to say that Rex took the holiday celebrations a bit too far this year.