Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vegas, Baby!

We took a much-needed vacation after Adam finished the Bar Exam and it was fantastic! We loaded up and headed to St. George where Adam's grandpa has a magnificent condo on the ridge by the airport. The views are phenomenal and the condo is graciously furnished; the pool is wonderful and we love staying there. We hit the pool on Thursday night and fell asleep watching scary movies. Friday morning, we went swimming and got ready to brave the crowds at In n Out Burger for lunch. After a two-hour ordeal and some very delicious burgers, we cruised over to Fiesta Fun Center and let the kids run wild. Our favorite attraction was the bounce house, followed by the bumper boats and the go carts. After spending their tickets on all sorts of miscellany, we jumped in the car, bound for Vegas.

Our first stop was Bellagio--my very favorite hotel on the Vegas Strip. I love the conservatory, which was decked out for Chinese New Year, the shops which I'll likely never be able to patronize, and the fountains.

It was fun to be able to show the "dancing water show" to our kids. Amber and Rex loved them; Karli was less interested and hung out in the stroller.

We ate at Cheesecake Factory inside Caesar's Palace. Here we are in front of the giant aquarium, which the kids loved.

F.A.O. Schwartz is an awesome toy store and Amber and Karli went crazy in the stuffed animal department. Amber kept grabbing animals and posing, begging me to take her picture.

Rex and Rex...cute!

Adam found this little jersey for Rex; although I'm not a huge Favre fan,
I think Rex looks darling in it!
We spent Saturday swimming and shopping at the mall where we found hundreds of amazing deals. I scored two great pairs of jeans for a total of $30 and Adam bought nearly 20 dress shirts, Polo items, and tres-hip sweats for only $150. Dillard's 80% off sale rocks! We had a great time hanging out, having fun, and eating waaaaay too much good, unhealthy food.