Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not Even in the Movies

We had our annual fall gathering of Clark family members last week and it really was a riotous, chaotic, blast. Sadly, though, with 19 people under one roof, it was so fun, in fact, that we managed to have one wrist broken, three faces with lots of road rash, two cases of strep throat, four cases of possible H1N1 flu, and 18 cases of the 24-hour stomach flu complete with vomiting in buckets and endless diarrhea. Now that makes for a fun vacation!

I couldn't believe how fast the stomach bug ravaged its way through the whole family. It started with one baby on Saturday night, and by Sunday at noon four more kids had thrown up. From there it just got worse, and finally by Wednesday night, everyone had their turn of stomach cramps, body aches, fevers, sleepless nights, and the whole bit.

Needless to say, the washing machine was working constantly for ten days, literally with no break between loads of soiled sheets, blankets, kids' clothes, bathroom rugs, etc. I'm glad to have everyone on the mend now, and so sad that people who traveled all the way across the country to hang out in Utah had to spend their time off dealing with sickness of all sorts. Hopefully everyone had a good time despite the health issues and we're excited for next time when we'll all get together wearing surgical masks and anti-contamination suits.