Monday, April 27, 2009

Seven Fabulous Years

Adam and I celebrated our seventh anniversary on Saturday. Where does time go? I still remember exactly what I did every day for the week leading up to our wedding and I can't believe we've now had three kids, a law degree, eight different domiciles, and so many other fantastic adventures together.

We took the kids to Niel's (a.k.a. Nemo's House) for lunch so we could enjoy those wonderful beer-battered fries and gigantic, homemade buns. Add the delicious fry sauce and it was a delightful way to fill up. We came home, put the kids down for naps, and watched "Quantum of Solace", which I've rented three times but hadn't ever seen. Promptly, we left the kids with Leslie (THANK YOU!) and headed to Costa Vida for dinner. Then, we hit the theatre for "State of Play" which was better than I anticipated. We returned just as it was time for our kids to go to bed. We had a marvelous day with only a little of the usual kid-related stress and it was great!

I feel very lucky to have such a great husband. He makes me laugh, keeps me in line, supports me, and takes great care of me. I love you, Adam!