Sunday, December 20, 2009

Such Girls

Grandma Shelley surprised Amber and Karli with early Christmas gifts: adorable dresses, new tights, and ruby slippers to wear to church on the Sunday before Christmas. Both of the girls were thrilled! They wouldn't take their dresses off all day, despite endless nagging by both Adam and me, and when we finally convinced Amber to change into a nightgown at bedtime, this is what we came across in the middle of the night.

Amber had removed both her and Karli's dresses from the closet and snuggled up by them in bed. Cuter still is that when Karli woke up, she actually had her red, sparkly dress shoes on her feet; she had been wearing them all night as she slept. They asked me all week long when it would be time to wear their new dresses to church, and today was the glorious day. They looked darling and were so excited. Thanks, Grandma Shelley, for giving my girls a reason to want to go to their classes!

Too Cute to Give Away

I set out making these purses for my girls to give as Christmas gifts, but once they were finished, I decided to keep them so I could give them to my girls for Christmas gifts. Isn't that terrible? I just think they are so sassy and cute that I can't bear to part with them.

They were SO easy to make (felt, glue gun, Heat n' Bond, ribbon, and embelishments) and it only took about an hour to make both.
I guess I'll just have to make two more, because the intended recipients would also love little purses like these. I'm really excited to see what my girls think of their new handbags; both of them are obsessed with purses and should be thrilled. We'll see!