Monday, August 22, 2011

A Fond Farewell

Well, despite my best efforts, fate threw a kink in my 7 Skirt Styles in 7 Days. My husband's wonderful grandpa, John Edward Smith died on Thursday after 87 amazing years of selfless life. He was a fantastic cancer surgeon and part of the Army's Signal Corps during World War II. He always had a kind word about everyone and was a humble doer of good deeds until the day be died. He is a very special man to us; I love him like he was my own grandpa and it has been a tender time of remembrance and reflection for our whole family.

With the crazy amount of preparation needed for the funeral (I played my violin with my nieces and we had to practice a lot!), I just couldn't finish the project in 7 days. I apologize and I will definitely make the last two skirts sometime this week. I'm looking forward to wrapping it up and giving you some more inspiration.

Today, I'm going to enjoy the amazing spirit of love, comfort, and peace that I have felt since Grandpa died. I know I will see him again and I know he is having a glorious reunion with Grandma and his loved ones in heaven. I appreciate deeply your kind comments full of sympathy and compassion. Hold your family close, take care of each other, do a good deed for someone and have a wonderful week!