Monday, November 29, 2010

Rivalry Revelry

If there's a reason to convene and consume, the Clark family finds it and has a party. We were all stoked to bring the noise and the trash talk at Greg and Leslie's house on Saturday when U of U played BYU in the annual Deseret Duel. Of course, we knew the Utes would win, and I think we were evenly matched in the Utes:Cougars ratio. Thankfully, after a painfully uneventful and in-offensive game, the Utes squeaked out a win at the last second with an awesome blocked field goal attempt. Days later, the family is still arguing over the calls by the refs, the methods of coaching, where the most LDS prophets went to school, which team really has the Spirit, etc. I love this rivalry!

Rex and Kinzi sported crimson. Kinzi is a waffler, though. The next day, she wore a BYU sweatshirt. Traitor!

Amber decided on Saturday morning that she HAD to have a BYU shirt, so I quickly made her this one out of a man's t-shirt I got on clearance at Walmart this summer. I used a freezer paper stencil and acrylic paint to make the "Y". For about an hour of time and some white-trash methods, I think it turned out pretty well. She loved it.

Amber was really representing the Y. Where did she come from?

Karli was all for BYU as well. I made her a cute shirt, too, out of some blue and white gingham fabric she fell in love with. Of course, though, when I was finished, she found a number of problems with it and refused to wear it. Kinz let her borrow the wig, so that was good enough for Karli.

Case is a Ute fan by default; he has all the gear thanks to Grandpa Brad.

Since Adam and I have brainwashed Rex into being a Ute fan (get 'em while they're fresh!), Amber said he had to cheer for MSU as well. She provided the green M tattoo on his forehead for some Spartan love.

Whitney was just happy to be there; I don't think she could have cared less about the game. She's adorable!

This poor little boy is so confused! Can you tell he's related to Kinzi? BYU hat and Utah shirt. Nice.

Things were pretty tense during the game. We even had an adult throw a fit and stomp upstairs because the little kids were in his way. Tee hee. It's just a game, people!

The best part of the Ute's victory was Adam's computer speakers blasting the Utah fight song at the end of the game. It was adorable to see the little kids dance, and I loved seeing Greg, Leslie, Amber, Karli, and even Kinzi cringe.

So until next year, we have the bragging rights. A Utah fam are we.....GO UTES!