Monday, January 26, 2009

Stranger than Fiction

Here's the ulitmate word verification: I'm sure you recall my post about implants a few days ago. Kacey left a comment and guess what the word verification was...boobpla. Can you believe it? Crazy. That's even better than the rearbear verification I wrote about a few weeks ago. I think the techie nerds at are reading my blog and I'm flattered.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Give a Cheer for No More Scouts!

Hip hip hooray! Adam and I were released from scouts today, which means I'm only one more den meeting away from a major relief of stress. I kind of feel like a schmuck for complaining so much about my calling, but honestly, I tried my hardest and couldn't do a good job. First, the BSA requires two leaders at each meeting. Adam has a class every day right during our den meeting, so that was impossible to achieve. Second, we had a nightly meeting every week of the month which, without a car (ours is parked at the U outside the law school building from 4 until 10 each night), was quite a chore to attend. Third, we can't afford to pay babysitters and all of our family members are occupied on meeting nights. I think the bishop felt a major surge of pity when he saw me tromp into the church last week for pack meeting bundled in a coat, scarf, and gloves, pushing my snow-covered double stroller with Rex and Karli bundled in it and Amber tagging along, bundled up and crying because she slipped four times on the trek down the icy sidewalks. It took us five minutes to un-bundle everyone and we got to sit right behind the bishop so he could hear every single whine, request for drink/snack/potty break/blankie/movie/etc.

I am now pleased to be the bulletin coordinator for the ward. This will be a fantastic calling that I can do via email...the perfect way for a dorky blogger to contribute! I'm super excited because I get to to the bulletin boards at the church building, too. It will be a welcome change.

A Great Memory

Tonight while enjoying another early bedtime for everyone in the house but me (yay!), I was working on the computer and listening to some of my favorite music. "Your Song" by Elton John came on and it conjured up so many great memories of when Adam and I were newlyweds and we lived in St. George. We would drive to Vegas frequently to hang around, eat cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, shop for lingerie, see the sights on the Strip, and get burgers at In-n-Out. It was great fun to be able to pick up on a whim and hit the town. My favorite part of our jaunts was watching the Bellagio fountains that were choreographed to "Your Song". Standing there in the dark, watching beautiful scenes, hearing great music, and being with my sweetie was fabulous!