Thursday, October 23, 2008

This Lady's Got Skills

For about ten years, I've loved to read "Undressed!" on (don't's not like it's a celebrity fashion faux pas website). Kat Giantis is one of the best writers whose work I've read, so if you need a good laugh and an easy-to-swallow vocabulary lesson, click here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Could It Be OCD?

I feel like I'm fairly laid back; I realize that I cannot control every event in my life and for the most part, I can roll with whatever happens. There are, however, a few things that stay on my mind to the point of interrupting my daily proceedings. First, blogging. I obviously have an obsession that is bordering on unhealthy; I guess I need an outlet of some sort because I continually think of topics to blog and run to the computer every chance I get. Adam and the girls now call me Violet, as in Screech's nerdy girlfriend who is a total computer geek.

Second, loading of the dishwasher. I had such a struggle to bite my tongue and leave the room to avoid reorganization of dishes in the dishwasher when we had company last week. My Dr. Jeckyl personality realizes that it is so helpful to me that my guests actually load the dishwasher and that I should be absolutely thankful for their willingness to pitch in, but my Mrs. Hyde personality secretly screamed every time I noticed someone putting a dinner fork in the soup spoon slot of the utensil holder and dropping the butter knives in the slots with the blades facing upward. I mean, come on...what dishwasher unloader on this planet can grab those upward-facing utensils and put them in the drawer without getting hand germs on the surfaces that go into other people's mouths (not to mention avoid getting stabbed a zillion times)? How much time does a person waste sorting out the tangle of tines and blades of forks and knives that are intermixed while unloading the clean untensils? It's all about efficiency, people!

Last, folding of towels. My mom drilled into my head the "proper" way to fold towels, to resemble those found in department stores and hotels (I have since learned that each household has a different "proper" way...go figure). I cannot look in a linen closet and leave it alone if the towels are folded in quarters, say, instead of my half-half-thirds method. It's all I can do to keep myself from ripping the towels off every shelf and re-folding them. The same goes for laundry of any sort. I have my ways and I like them. I even almost told Adam not to fold the gargantuan pile of laundry today because I didn't want to have to re-fold my undies or turn the articles of clothing right-side-out. Why can't I be more like a man in the laundry regard?

So, here's the question of the day: What the $@#& is wrong with me?! I really do appreciate the help and would much rather play with my kids (or blog, he he he) instead of do laundry or dishes. Hopefully I can continue to squelch my developing OCD and learn to just chill out.

Hey 'Lil Mama

Always the multi-tasker, I spent bedtime folding laundry in my room while Karli tried to wind down and Rex screamed at the top of his lungs for about fifteen minutes while wriggling around in his crib. Karli said, "Mom, Wexy need to share my blantet. He want to." Since I had quite enough of the screaming, I lifted him out of the crib and laid him down next to Karli. She immediately spread her blanket across his lower body, snuggled up, and sang "Happy Working Song" from Enchanted to Rex until he fell asleep. It was so darling and I'm still impressed by her nannying skills. I have a new bedtime helper...yay!

Seven-Year Itch

I've been crazy about Aerosmith for fourteen years now, and my dad surprised Adam and me with tickets (awesome seats) when the band came to Salt Lake seven years ago. The concert was phenomenal and I loved them even more after I saw their live show. Yesterday I broke out some A-tunes for a major rockin'-out-in-the-car jam session and decided it's high time we see another Aerosmith show. Giddyup!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Golding of the Leaves

While watching Thumbelina with my girls the other day, I was amused when the Fairy King and Queen participated in "the golding of the leaves." I found that phrase to be utterly charming because fall is my favorite season. I'm glad I took these pictures yesterday from our deck because they highlight the beautiful, golden landscape that I adore. Enjoy!

Grandpa Smith, M.D.

Growing up, I only saw a doctor when it was mandated by county code or when my life was in serious danger. My mom is a big fan of the phrase "Walk it out", so my siblings and I never really had regular check-ups after age two unless a bone was protruding from our skin or we couldn't breathe. Thus, I never had a flu shot until I married Adam and had free and easy access to the vaccine thanks to Adam's wonderful Grandpa Smith. Now, flu shots are an annual event in the Clark home. Grandpa is so nice to pay for the vaccine and administer them to all of the adults in the family after a nice Sunday dinner. It sure beats waiting at the doctor's office!

Here I am signing the roster and dreading my impending shot.

The older I get, the less I can stand having needles poked into me. I am naseous just posting this picture!

It's a good thing you can't see my face in this shot because I'm sure I was on the verge of tears and vomit. My fists were clenched so tightly that my fingernail cut the palm of my hand!

Grandpa Smith is one of the kindest and most generous people I know. He is over 80 years old and still works at the State Health Department. He's so talented and smart and I'm lucky to be able to have him in my life.

Choncho and Rexy

Rex made a new best friend over the past week: my sweet nephew, Hunter. They are about 18 months apart but I think they'll grow up to be great pals. Anytime Rex was awake, Hunter would saunter over and say, "Reh!" and tickle his toes or give him a kiss. Rex got a big kick out of all the attention.

Hunter seemed thrilled to be able to hold Rex.

See how excited Rexy is?

Hunter is no small fry; he's not even two yet and he dwarfs Karli and Gracie. Hence, his oldest sister Brooklyn dubbed him "Choncho" after the darling little boy in Nacho Libre. I love that nickname and I adore Hunter!

Potty Progress Update

I made it through a whole day without changing a single one of Karli's diapers, which means she used the potty about 14 times in one 24-hour period! I'm thrilled! I know this picture is of a somewhat questionable nature (Hope Floats, anyone?), but I'm so excited about her newfound skills and it's so cute that I just have to post it. Please pardon my attempt at censorship; Karli is proud to show off her token look: nudie.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Potty Progress

Today was a joyous day; Karli wore panties for several hours and even came inside from playing (on her own volition, mind you) and used the bathroom ALL BY HERSELF! She recognized that she had to go! Hooray! I didn't even care that she pooped all over in her panties five minutes later. I will be thrilled when she's totally trained.

The Birth of a Ya Ya Tradition

For all of you doubters out there, I'm here to testify that the Ya Ya Sisterhood sale at Thanksgiving Point is a blast and I'm making it a tradition! Aside from the fantastic bargains on tons of great furniture, decor, etc., there was lots of delicious food samples, fun booths for glitter toes and lip/eyebrow waxing, a burning of woes, a lantern decorating contest, door prizes (I won two free cooking classes at the Emporium Kitchen, yay!), chocolate-dipped fortune cookies and great music.

I met my dear friend Tiffany there and we had fun catching up on our families' crazy lives, checking out all of the darling fare and wishing we had an unlimited supply of cash so we could let loose and purchase everything we loved. Isn't Tiff's witch hat the best? She is an amazing woman and I love spending time with her. I had originally planned to leave all of the kids home with Adam, but as I walked out the door, both Amber and Karli said, "We want to go to the girl party, too!" and cried and sobbed until I caved in and let them tag along. It was actually really fun to have them there, and they looked adorable in their Halloween costumes (Amber was Ariel and Karli was Tinkerbell). I am definitely making this event a tradition in my family, and maybe next year I'll have some funds to buy something really fabulous like the black leather Queen Anne chair that was screaming to me "buy me right now!"

Nothing makes me feel like a hot mama more than fake eyelashes, a hot dress and stiletto boots!

One of the ladies working at the party gave me the name Countess Fiesty Pants. I got a cool sash and everything. Me, fiesty? Nah...

I borrowed all of my sisters' cool makeup and even some false eyelashes encrusted with rhinestones. I LOVE funky makeup and had a grand time creating and sporting this multi-colored look.

I'm already thinking about what to wear to next year's party, and I'm certainly going to make time to decorate a lantern according to the plan I had for this year (which was unfortunately squelched due to lack of kid-free time over the past week, but oh well). So, bring on the competition and the sisterhood. Ya ya!

A Blessing in our Lives

Adam blessed Rex on Wednesday night at our house. It was great to have Greg, Jake, Rob, Ryan, Brad, and Bishop Tintle here to stand in the circle, and Adam gave Rex a good and interesting blessing. I don't know if it's dumb to think so, but I always stew and worry over possibly problematic phrases in my kids' blessings, like when Adam told Rex "you'll have sorrow in your life". Perhaps it won't be any more sorrow than everyone else experiences, but I always wonder if it means something awful will happen. I guess I'll just have to wait and see (and be prepared for the worst!).

Rex was fairly well-behaved thanks to Rob, who volunteered his thumb for Rex to suck on during the blessing. Afterward, we all had brownie sundaes (why does that word have an "e" instead of a "y" on the end?) and chocolate chip cookies. It was a wonderful evening!

This our family picture, Clark style, with no one smiling.
Notice how hard I'm trying to keep a straight face? I guess some
people feel dumb smiling in pictures and I feel dumb not smiling in pictures.

Isn't Rex the cutest? He's so jolly and adorable and I love having a boy.

Cousins, Sleepovers, Mayhem and Bliss

We've had lots of family here for a week and it has been a blast! It's great to have almost everyone here (we miss Dave, Maren, and Libs) for Brooklyn's birthday, Greg's birthday, Rex's blessing, and Jessica's baby shower. Aside from the aforementioned events, we've had tons of fun just hanging out, eating way too much yummy food and being goofy. We will be so sad when everyone goes home (the worst thing: I won't have an excuse not to do laundry anymore!), but hopefully we'll reunite for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The girls each got a pair of these crazy glasses in their
goodie bags at Brooklyn's birthday party.
Karli, Ashley and me being silly.

Amber's silly face.