Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays; I get to make costumes for my kids, they always look adorable, we eat waaay too many treats, and we carve pumpkins. This year, I was a usual look because I don't have to try very hard at all. Rex and Case sported the Sons of Anarchy getups that Rex and Colton wore last year, Karli was Tiana from "Princess and the Frog" and Amber was Claudia, the vampire princess from "Interview with a Vampire." We had a hootin', hollerin', howl of a time!

My tough little biker who still sucks his thumb.

Just because she's dressed like a princess doesn't mean she eats like one.

The boys' mohawks were my favorite part of their costumes.

Too cute to be hardcore.

They were so excited to trick or treat that they didn't want to pose for a decent picture.

Hip Halloween Digs

From the time I was ten years old, I've been a fan of Hannah Andersson. They always have darling clothes that look oh, so comfy and perfectly matched to every holiday. Before Halloween, they featured an adorable black tutu and orange Halloween-themed top complete with witchy-striped tights. Being the tightwad that I am, I set out to procure outfits like those for my girls without spending the $126 I would have had I ordered from H.A.

Here's the rundown: I found the purple-and-green-striped tights at Walmart for $2 per pair. I made their black lace skirts out of one of mine from days of yore, so that was free. I found a men's XXL orange t-shirt on the clearance rack at Walmart for $0.50, which I cut into two small shirts and to which I added some purple felt and silver sequin fabric that I found lying around in my scrap bag. I finished off the tops with some rhinestones (of course) and voila! adorable Halloween outfit for each of my girls for only $2.25 apiece. Since the picture is kind of bad, the shirt says BOO! (appliqued in silver liquid sequin) and has a purple felt star stitched with silver thread and sprinkled with rhinestones.

I thought it was delightful for my girls to have something fun to wear to church since Halloween fell on Sunday this year, and they seemed to love the ensembles, too. Yay for thrift!