Sunday, December 6, 2009

False Alarm Numero Uno

Today as I rushed to the church to make copies of today's program, I thought my water may have broken. Since I've never had a spontaneous labor (Pitocin is a grand invention!), I have no idea what it feels like, the "real" signs (I'm having plenty of false indications), etc. I went about my merry way to see if my conditions improved or worsened, and finally, after a few hours, I called my doctor to see if I should head to Labor and Delivery.

As you may recall, when I was pregnant with Rex, we went through the same thing three or four times before I actually had a baby. It is a big hassle, a pain, takes a long time just to hear "Go home", and kind of puts a dent in the day. I figured it would be nothing this time, too, but since I have Strep B, I figured I should follow doc's orders and go get checked.

One thing that was remarkably nicer than when I was pregnant with Rex is that my parents live just down the street from me, so they babysat the kids instead of Adam and I having to drag them along and keep them quiet in the hospital. Thanks, mom and dad, for watching Amber, Karli, and Rex, and for making us a yummy lunch. Thanks, baby, for the jolt of panic and the boring episode in triage.