Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Attackne, Back Aches, Black Eyes, Fat Lips

Things have been crazy around our house. Between a bun in the oven, an almost-three-year-old with feet into which she hasn't yet grown, and another toddler who climbs on EVERYthing, we've had our share of visits to the doctor's office and bloody paper towels. Yikes.
Never have I experienced a full-on case of acne until now. How I pine for those poor junior high students who have cystic acne! It is terrible! I'm discovering huge cysts all over myself, including the dreaded back-ne (although that is easier to cover than facial acne), zits on my legs (it's as gross as it sounds) and all over my face. Additionally, I have just begun the wonderful sciatic-nerve-irritation phase, which will likely last for at least 39 more weeks. I can't wait to have this baby and be done with pregnancy forever!
A week ago, Karli rolled off her bed and hit her eyebrow on the edge of the dresser. She sustained a very impressive black eye (fortunately, no stitches, phew!), after which she tripped in the family room and knocked her cheek on the corner of the coffee table. The poor child looks like an abuse victim, and I think all of our neighbors are wondering. She just needs to grow into those beautiful, ballerina feet.
As I've mentioned before, Rex is part-primate. He has further convinced me of his primal/ancestral awareness by climbing up anything and everything. Sunday night, he climbed up the outside of the staircase and did a wonderful swan dive off the edge. He knocked one of his front teeth straight back into his mouth, bruised his whole upper lip and gums, and bit a huge chunk out of his bottom lip. Even worse, though, was that he bled all over his darling, white, U of M jammies! The nerve.
Fortunately, none of us has contracted H1N1 flu and we are all surviving the rigors of life with kids under age 5. Let's hope these phases fly by.