Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cat Scratch Fever

As if we ever enjoyed it in the first place, the harmony of sibling love has officially evolved into a constant, cacophonous battle between Amber and Karli, Karli and Rex, Amber and Rex, and parents and children. With Amber deep in the tattling phase, Karli still being forced to wear an eye patch every day, and Rex entering the Terrible Twos, I'm sure you can imagine the wonderful and euphoric aura in our home. I have to admit that it's driving me crazy and I'm wondering how we are ever going to survive with another child in this mix of madness. I know that newborns have a special way of calming everyone down, so I'm hoping that our new baby boy will be the peacemaker among siblings so Adam and I don't have to spend every moment of our lives referee-ing our squabbling, whining older kids. Serenity now!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Eight Great Years Ago...

...I met Adam for the first time at church. I never believed in love at first sight, but when I met him I changed my mind. I was so thrilled and amazed that someone as hot as Adam would introduce himself to me (I was wearing red lipstick and red shoes, after all...a bit intimidating for a Clark, maybe?), let alone want to hang out with me after meeting me. I'll always have the fondest memories of Fall 2001 when we met and started dating. Adam was the best boyfriend and is now the best husband. I really lucked out. Happy 8th acquaintance anniversary, Adam. You are wonderful and I love you!

Just so my boys know in the future, here are a few things Adam did for me while we dated which I loved:

Drove past my house on the way to school and scraped off my windows numerous times so my car was ready to go when I left for work in the winter. He also left a few sweet notes on my windshield.

Sent me two dozen red roses after we had known each other for only a short while.

Cooked me dinner (steak, steamed new potatoes, etc.), served it by candle light with Jim Brickman piano music playing in the background.

Wrote a poem for me.

On Valentine's Day, he had his mom and sister decorate my room with hundreds of helium balloons, an adorable teddy bear, and a huge basket full of yummy treats and surprises while Adam and I were on a date.

Boys, take note: your dad knew how to woo a woman.

Random Things That Make Me Happy

I know I post a lot of this same stuff, but I always like to count my blessings and document it. Just think, if my kids ever have interest in reading my journal (which is my blog, of course), they'll read these posts and say to themselves, "Wow. I guess mom really wasn't a screaming ninny who complained and fussed all the time about everything!" So, for posterity's sake, here are some things I'm loving right now:

1. Adam. He has been so helpful and even more wonderful that he normally is lately. It's been fun to be able to hang out with him while our kids take naps and I love that he's so willing to watch the kids so I can have some alone time.

2. Amber's cheer class. This class is so fun to teach! It's filled with 16 adorable little gals, and they work very hard. It's fun for me to see Amber excel in a class of girls who are older than she is, and I also love to see how proud of herself Amber is when she accomplishes a new skill.

3. Karli's dancing. She loves to watch "All The Single Ladies" by Beyonce and has almost all of the moves down perfectly. While I do admit it's not the best thing for a three-year-old to watch, it is just so darn cute that I can't resist! She told me today that she wants a "gold, sparkly leotard and gold high heels like Beyonce's" for Christmas. Hooray!

4. Rex's sudden burst of linguistic ability. The other day, Rex stood up in his high chair and signed AND said "MORE!" Then he started laughing hysterically. It was so adorable and I hurriedly gave him more food. When he saw the results, he did it over and over, both signing and speaking, and getting a huge kick out of himself. He's also started to say "ghost", "doggy", "kitty", "Hannah", "hat", "shoes", "moon", "thank you", and my favorite, "ROCK ON!" (complete with devil horns on each hand). I love it when toddlers begin talking.

5. The weather. Right now, it's 72 degrees outside. The sun has been shining for three days straight and it's fabulous to have some glorious fall sunlight. I was even motivated enough by the blissful conditions that I cleaned off the front porch and put away the exterior Halloween decorations yesterday...only three days late!

6. Baby clothes. I've been sorting through Rex's baby stuff to find out what we need to buy for the new baby. I always love to see how tiny the onesies and socks and bibs are for newborns. I'm getting excited to meet our new little boy and I only have six weeks left!

7. Teaching violin and piano. I have three darling students who are progressing magnificently. I get a kick out of all three of them; they're completely different but all so adorable. One of my students is getting baptized on Saturday and will play "I Feel My Savior's Love" for the opening song. I got all choked up yesterday at her lesson as she played it; it was so sweet! I know I said I'd never admit this, but I am very thankful that my mom and dad payed so much money and dedicated their time and patience to my musical endeavors, even though I wanted nothing to do with them at the time. I have some valuable talents now and I really enjoy being able to spread the love of violin and piano playing.

8. Frozen raspberries. Lately I've been craving sour foods, so I bought myself a big bag of frozen raspberries and have been munching away. They are yummy, fairly low-cal, and the color is marvelous at this time of year. Yum!

9. Planning for Christmas. Since baby will arrive just before Christmas, I'm trying to get all of my gifts made during November. I'm excited to make things for the people I love, and if all goes well, I'll end up with some darling items for my kids.

10. Knowing that my prayers get answered. I've noticed lately that it's not always the way I think they should be answered, but something strangely works out every time I'm in a bind and I ask for help from my Heavenly Father. I know that prayer works! What a great thing to know in's definitely helped me get through some crazy situations.

Here's wishing all of you a happy day!