Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The More the Merrier...Madness, I Mean

Wow! Life with four kids is out of control so far. Don't get me wrong...it's fun and great to have four cute, spunky, little ones, but I can tell it's going to take me even longer than ever to regain a sense of normalcy. I can't decide if I liked having a Christmas baby; I was so busy doing Christmas stuff that giving birth was kind of like one more thing on my list of to-do's, and I feel slightly bad about that like I offended the primal tradition of birthing or something. On the other hand, it was exciting and grand to have a baby during the Christmas season because lots of our family were here to experience it and help us out and such. Hmmm. It's a toss-up.
Now that we are back on our schedule (HA!), I mean as much as we can be with a two-week-old, I feel like I can start getting back into real life and figuring out how to add one more set of needs to the pot. Case has been a great baby thus far, and aside from two nights of crying due to reflux, sleeps well and keeps the noise to a minimum.
Karli is still wearing her patch, and after a doctor appointment today that turned out to be a major waste of time because we can't get her to wear a patch and her glasses, we are recommitted to being ultra-strict with her about wearing both. All the time. Yay. The doctor told Adam it was useless for her to wear the patch without the glasses, so basically the last three weeks of fighting her several times each day to don a patch have been a complete waste. Hopefully, though, she will get back into the bespectacled swing of things and won't give us too much more grief. Today's episodes were out of control and her fits were more than we could handle!
I will forever be astounded by the infant/laundry phenomenon. It seems the pile of dirty laundry grows from a hill to a mountain in a matter of minutes, and I now have a humongous heap of clean laundry spilling from my chair into two baskets and onto the floor, right next to the extra-large, overflowing hamper full of soiled goods. I can't believe how much dirty laundry a tiny human being can produce. Sheesh!
Here's a challenge for the next batch of medical students and/or researchers: please find a way for women to recover completely from pregnancy and the birthing process in one week. I'm fed up with the whole mess already, and it's really driving me crazy to have to deal with my insides rearranging again, trying unsuccessfully to get even my lower legs into my old jeans, and the rest of all the gory, horrid aftermath of childbearing along with taking care of an infant and the rest of my family. I'd pay big bucks to be rid of all of the aforementioned hassles!
For now, though, I'm trying to hold Case as much as I can and enjoy the "baby" smell, the tiny feet, the yawn/sigh combo, and everything else I love about newborns. I'm thankful to have four beautiful and healthy kids, and a wonderful husband who could rival any Mr. Mom at this point. So, yeah...bring on the insanity!