Friday, April 23, 2010

A Hard Day's Night

Rex LOVES playing outside. It's been great to let him run around, climb, throw things, explore, and jump. Best of all, it wears him out. He couldn't even make it to bed the other day; he just came inside and colapsed on the couch. Yay for awesome yards and little boys!

Big Boy

Case is growing fast and learning all sorts of new things. He can hold his toes, take off his socks, roll from his back to his stomach, and babble up a storm. My favorites, though, are


playing in his exersaucer...

and eating rice cereal.

He didn't love it at first,

but now he gulps it down!
Case is a joy! He's been a delightful baby and has adorable, kissable, chubby cheeks. His roly-poly arms and legs make me smile and we all love this little guy!