Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Wonderful Way to Spend Memorial Day

Last week, my dad told us about a movie he'd seen advertised about a Marine who escorts a fallen soldier's remains home. It sounded good, and then I noticed Kevin Bacon appeared on Leno's show to promote the film. The next day, my dad emailed me the manuscript that Mike Strobl wrote about his journey and I cried through the whole thing. Then I was really interested, so Adam and I watched "Taking Chance" last night.

It's one of the best movies I've ever seen, and I highly recommend it (especially this weekend). Beware, though: this movie is a tear-jerker! With Adam's brother, Dave, arriving in Iraq this week (he's a Marine), the movie really moved me. I was touched to see the portrayal of honor, humility, gratitude, and respect by every person involved in the process of getting PFC Chance Phelps' body from Iraq to Wyoming. I definitely give this movie five stars!

Nausea, Heartburn, Narcolepsy, Upset Stomach, Claustrophobia...Oh yes, I'm Pregnant

That's right, folks. Clark nino numero quatro is due on December 28, 2009. That makes me almost nine weeks along, and while this pregnancy is easier than, say, my first because I'm not constantly thinking about how far along I am, what's going on developmentally, and worrying about every single thing I do and eat, etc., I have to admit that it is a nightmare to be pregnant and have three other kids to look after. I feel awful because I've been completely irritable, and when I'm nauseous, no one in the family gets dinner, attention, anything (Adam has really been Super Dad lately, for which I'm beyond grateful!). At least I can say that I'm relieved for one reason: this is going to be the family finale, so if I can make it to December, we'll be over a huge hurdle. Here's to more diapers, all-nighters, and frantically struggling to regain the universal balance once bambino arrives!

I love that doctors in Utah do an 8-week makes the beginning of pregnancy a little more exciting and offers some kind of pay off for all the sickness. Isn't our little peanut cute?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Falling Off the Face of the Earth

Whew! Where have the last 20 days gone? We celebrated Rex's first birthday, had twenty people living under the Clark roof for eleven days, I enjoyed Mother's Day, and we still haven't washed all the sheets and towels that seem to multiply exponentially each day. Clearly, I haven't had time to blog (breathe?), but it's been a great 20 days.

We are all still alive, and now that my teaching schedule is winding down, I promise lots of informative, back-dated blog updates. Stay tuned for action!