Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Committing

Well, after secretly bashing it in my head for months, I finally decided to give P90X a try. Leslie bought the DVDs on (my new favorite website) and we set out on a mission to get us some hot bodies. Today is my first day and the chest and back workout was brutal. I loved it, though, because I really felt exhausted afterward. I'm excited to see how this body project will turn out. Hopefully, I'll be smokin' hot and back into my pre-pregnancy jeans soon!

Never, Ever Again!

I've been thinking about renting a booth at a local craft boutique for quite some time, and after encouragement from Leslie and Stephanie, I finally bit the bullet. I had a half-sized booth at the Mother's Day Holy Cow Boutique at the Pleasant Grove Rec Center. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE! I'm glad I did it to see how my stuff measures up, but I don't think I"ll ever do it again. Between not wanting to spend a bundle of money and time on making products I wouldn't sell and visiting the rec center three times a day to check on my stock and pulling three all-nighters and not cooking for my family for a week, it was so not worth it.

It was great fun, however, to be able to enjoy some serious crafting time while Adam babysat endlessly (thanks, Superdad!), to let my creativity run wild with a can of spray paint, a Cricut Expression, the major power tools in the garage, and to hear the positive reactions my wares garnered from my adoring fans (Leslie, Stephanie, Shelley, and Lauren...thanks, ladies!). Here are a few of the goods in case you're interested: