Friday, April 9, 2010


Lately we've tried to make the most of being cooped up inside while snow continues to fall outside. We've spent lots of time with my cute sister Angela...

...and Allison...
...and Rex discovered a new game: he runs around the house with his new "hat!" which is actually a box from Build-a-Bear Workshop. He peeks out the door, and when he doesn't want anyone to see him, he shuts it.
I know he shuts the door so he can do this behind it...
Yuck! Regardless of the nasty habits occuring inside, though, he looks absolutely hilarious running around the kitchen and family room--like a little robot or creature--and he becomes hysterical if anyone removes his "hat". Hopefully it'll warm up soon so we don't all go crazy like Rexy has!

Case is a Thumb Sucker

This is a first among our children! The three older kids suck fingers, and at first we even thought that Case might be a pacifier baby. Much to my chagrin, though, he flouts the paci and found his thumb, which he loves. The thing I love about it is that he wraps his index finger around his nose most of the time. It's darling! I also love that Case has a method to self-soothe now, which makes my life much easier. He gets cuter every day, and I'm enjoying having an adorable, cuddly, squishy, little sweetheart who doesn't give me attitude!

Kissy, Kissy, Kissy!

The picture is terrible thanks to some baby drool on my camera lens, but the news is wonderful: Allison and Dusty are engaged! Dusty propsed yesterday and they were both beaming from ear to ear (okay, fine, they still are). We are super excited for these two; they are a perfect pair and Dusty is so sweet to my little sis. August 27, 2010 is the big day. Wahoo! My kids can't wait to have a new uncle and they already beg Dusty to chase them around the house and play all sorts of rowdy games that the parents are too tired to play. Of course, Dusty plays them and the kids love it! Congratulations to the future Mrs. Hunt and her soon-to-be hubby!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter

We spent Easter weekend at Grandpa Smith's condo in St. George and it was wonderful to be out of the snow for a few days. The Easter bunny found the kids, even though they weren't at home, and I enjoyed listening to General Conference and spending time with our families. We were able to play with Merrick, McKay, and Olivia (my sister Jennifer's kids) as well as lots of Harris and Withroder cousins at Steve and Laurie's house. Easter is my favorite holiday; I love the simple act of reflecting on Christ's life and the sacrifice he made for me. It was a fantastic weekend!

Rex scored lots of his favorite things...STICKS! He got a sword and a set of toy golf clubs, but they are all sticks to him. He's crazy about sticks.

Karli enjoyed her Lunchables that came in her Easter stash. Doesn't she make a darling daisy face?

Here is Amber modeling her Easter dress. I usually get very excited about making Easter dresses for my girls, but I wasn't this year. I was thrilled to find out General Conference fell on Easter this year and didn't feel one bit guilty about buying these cute frocks for $5 each at Ross.

The bunny skipped baskets, but still left some fun surprises for the kids. Happy Easter!