Saturday, January 23, 2010


I tried and tried to find the picture from "The Little Rascals" of the girls at the slumber party when they say, "Boys...blech!" and point down their throats like they're gagging, but this will have to do. You all know what I'm talking about, though, right? That's how I feel now that I have TWO stinky, dirty and adorable sons.

I don't recall any of my other babies going through as many diapers in a day as Case does. He is constantly tooting, pooping, and complaining about his soiled drawers. I can't even keep up with him, as he relieves himself mid-diaper-change, shortly after diaper changes, during feedings, during baths, you name it. It's crazy!

Rex has discovered his ability to remove his clothing and with that, all hopes of keeping his bodily byproducts safely contained in a diaper have gone out the window. On Thursday, he kindly sneaked into the front room (strictly off-limits to toddlers!), removed his pants and clean, dry diaper, and as Grandpa Clark tactfully told me, left "a deposit" on the floor. Much to my horror, though, it was not just one deposit. It was five. In little piles all around the room. On the IVORY carpet! I wanted to crawl into a hole and die, since it is not MY carpet that my son soiled, and because I was simultaneously trying to cook lunch, wrangle Amber and Karli, and hold a starving, screaming baby while trying to keep them all quiet so Grandpa could work. Sheesh.

Since the "use your Princess manners" command is clearly not going to work with these two, I'm asking for any kind of wisdom in dealing with boys who think it's down right hilarious to belch, toot, farmer blow and "deposit" for all to see. Eeew...I hope I survive.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Idol in the Making

Adam, the kids, and I all love to watch American Idol, and last night during the show, Amber asked me the cutest question out of the blue:

"Hey Mom, when I make it to Hollywood, will you ride with me in the elevator so I won't be scared?"

I almost welled up with tears because I was so proud of her for even assuming she could try an audition and "make it to Hollywood" and because it was so darn adorable (and, of course, because my hormones are beyond out-of-control). Live your dreams, little Amber, and YES...I will always be there to ride with you in the elevator!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Blue Monday is Real?

Perhaps I've been living under a rock, but I didn't know that "Blue Monday" is actually an official day until an hour ago; I always thought it was just the name of a band. Well, since the third Monday in January is apparently the gloomiest day of the year, I want to share a few things I love right now:

1. When I'm next to Adam, I'm actually next to Adam. I no longer have a ginormous belly to separate us. It's fabulous.

2. Case is smiling! For the past few days, he's been giving us darling little smiles along with the one-eye-open awakening process. I love it.

3. Frozen raspberries. I discovered today that adding a huge handful of frozen raspberries to one small scoop of vanilla ice cream does wonders for my junk food cravings and makes me feel like I ate a whole bowl of frozen goodness without getting cheated.

4. Accomplishing something every day. Since this has recently become something of a miracle, I feel especially good when I get something...anything...done, even if it is only bathing the kids and grabbing a quick shower myself.

5. Karli is wearing her patch AND glasses without much of a fight. Lately, she's been rather obedient in this department and getting a patch stuck over her eye seems to be less traumatic now. YAY!

6. My cache of divinely-scented bath products left over from Christmas. I love yummy-smelling lotion and shower gel, and I'm reveling in luscious lather thanks to my cheer students, sisters, etc. who generously gifted me said items last month. I should have enough to make it to spring.

7. Rex's handshakes. Adam taught Rex how to shake hands a few days ago, and it is so darn cute to see how excited Rex gets when someone asks him for one. Who knows...perhaps he'll be the next Mitt Romney. He's a born politician!

8. 24 is on again. It was great to have a t.v. show start up to which I can look forward each week. Adam and I watch it together every Monday, and since "The Sopranos" ended its run on A&E, 24 is one of our trusty standbys. Yay for Jack Bauer!

9. My students are progressing nicely. As a teacher of several skills, I'm always thrilled when my students take significant steps toward improvement. It makes work a joy.

10. Blogging. I feel like I haven't been as immersed in the blogosphere as I usually am and now I love to have a small window of time to post something. I'm such a nerd.

Happy Blue Monday everyone. Take time to do something to make you happy on this wonderfully gloomy day.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ready to Ride

I know this is really past due, but I made a cute carseat tent for Case out of cowboy flannel with bandana-print trim and just have to show it off. Karli helped me pick out the fabric and she also chose some antique brass buttons with an eagle motif; she has great taste. Giddyup!

Brotherly Love

Rex loves his little brother! He has been so sweet with Case, which is a huge relief to me. At the hospital right after Case's birth, Rex seemed so miffed that I was really worried to bring a tiny, helpless infant home to a monster of a big brother. I was wrong, however, because Adam notified me that night that Rex had been begging to go see "broder" all day. From then on, Rex has been a loving, snuggling, gentle, and adoring protector of Case and it's beyond darling.

Whenever we are upstairs and Case is in his crib, Rex disappears to go lie down next to him. I always find Rex (who looks HUGE compared to Case) snuggled up in the pack and play next to Case with his arms around him. Leslie told me Adam was the same way with his brother, Ryan. I think it's so cute! Rex always asks for Case as soon as he wakes up in the morning and from naps. Hooray! I think they'll be friends.

My two handsome sons.