Monday, December 27, 2010

My Baby is One Year Old!

Where does the time go? I vividly remember all the end-of-pregnancy drama I experienced last year like it was yesterday. It's been a wonderful year and I love having Case in our family. He's delightfully sweet, cuddly, and adorable. His brown eyes and olive skin are so handsome and different from anyone else's in our family (thank you, Clark genes, for finally appearing). Everyone loves Case and we are all thrilled to have him around.
Since he's the youngest (rip off) and since he only turned one this year (rip off again), we didn't do much to celebrate. Amber and I actually went to San Diego on Case's birthday, so I made a penguin cake and we had a tiny party with my parents, Jen and her family, Adam's parents, and us after Christmas. The cake didn't turn out quite as well as I wanted it to, but Case loved it and it tasted good. He loved being the birthday boy and would smile bashfully when anyone wished him a happy day.

I've tried to enjoy every aspect of Case's babyhood since he's my last and it's been a fantastic 12 months of snugly, squishy kisses, miserable ear infections, and the cutest giggle. I love my little Queso!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Girls' Trip: Poinsettia Bowl 2010

My mom and sisters choreograph the halftime show for the Poinsettia Bowl every year, but since it's right before Christmas, we haven't been able to work out a family trip to San Diego to participate. I really wanted to go this year because the halftime show involved honoring members of the Armed Services, and Adam's brother Dave would represent the Marines, Adam's Grandpa Smith would represent the Army, my cousin Fletcher would represent the Navy, and my Grandpa Rydalch would represent the Air Force. I was secretly really bummed that we couldn't make the trip.

Enter my wonderful husband, Adam. At the last minute, he arranged for Amber and I to fly to San Diego on a private jet (amazing!) on Wednesday morning, attend the game on Thursday night, and fly home on Friday (Christmas Eve) morning. Despite several mishaps, the trip was a blast! It was great fun to be able to have a "girls' trip" with Amber, and we felt like major celebrities when we drove right onto the runway, had our bags loaded and car parked by the valet service, snuggled into the huge leather seats, and were in the air only five minutes later. The ride was fantastic! I can never fly commercial again...he he.

San Diego was completely flooded when we arrived, so we couldn't go anywhere (no shopping, boo!). Everyone and everything was soggy as could be, but we made the most of it and hung out in the hotel room watching football with Grandpa and Lorna, Greg and Leslie, Rob and Amy, Dave and Maren, Ryan and Steph, and eleven kids. It was a party! After a soggy night, several hours of rehersals, and a few episodes of Amber vomiting, it was time for us to get our glittery poinsettias painted on our faces and head to Qualcomm Stadium for the game. Wahoo!

We had second-row seats, right behind SDSU's team on the sidelines, and it was thrilling to be that close to all of the action. We could clearly hear the coaches calling plays, etc. and the best part of those seats was being able to watch the hundreds of Navy Midshipmen march onto the field in perfect squads for the National Anthem, during which Navy performed a sweet fly-over. What a sight and what a sound! The game was so-so, and soon it was time for us to head to the tunnel to prepare for our big entrance.

The halftime production turned out to be an almost total disaster. Mr. Sound Guy screwed up the music (even after three sound checks earlier in the day, duh!) so badly that the timing of every subsequent event was ruined. The dancers didn't have their cues so they didn't dance, the fireworks started too was an utter mess. The only thing that went perfectly was the honoring of the Veterans--thank heavens. Despite the sobbing performers, the totally-miffed parents, and the ridiculous Poinsettia Bowl staff who did nothing to make it up to us, I had a great time being involved in something of that magnitude. Since I was a coach, I got to be on the field for the whole second half of the game. It was surreal and loud and fun and amazing. I was proud of Amber for performing her little heart out even though she didn't have music, and I'm excited to try it again next year.