Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy to Be Happy

Here are ten things that make me happy in life:

1. Adam. He's funny, smart, brutally handsome, helpful, and balances me out in ways I never thought possible. He's the best husband I could ever ask for, and I'm thrilled to have him for a best friend. He's awesome!

2. Amber, Karli, and Rex. They are hilarious and mischievous and adorable. Even when they do naughty things, I have to secretly laugh inside because they think things through with magnificent, childlike logic.

3. Great food. Salmon grilled on a cedar plank, taco salad, fresh blue cheese dressing, strawberries, ice water, good steak cooked just right, home-baked carb-laden items, homemade jam. I could go on and on.

4. Excellent music. Symphonic to acoustic guitar and across all genres, I love my music and relish the way a certain song can evoke so many memories, smells, tastes, and feelings in my mind.

5. Nature. I love to be outside, off roads and in the mountains especially. Fresh air is something I always took for granted until I lived in Michigan, and now I value every breath of crisp, mountain air I can gulp. I love the colors in nature and the peace of being away from everything.

6. Art. Any genre, any medium...I love it. I could saunter through museums and county fairs all day, just taking in the glory of something made by another human.

7. Painted toenails. I have to have my toenails painted in a bright, fun color at all times. Lately I've been really into glitter toes; it's a great way to add some bling without having to add weight to my body (that's the last thing I need!).

8. Attending concerts. There's nothing like live music, especially when the band is actually good and I get to see the effort that goes into producing a song that is radio-quality.

9. My testimony. Knowing that Heavenly Father loves me and is looking out for me just makes life so much better.

10. My friends. It's great to have wonderful people in my life who encourage me, entertain me, and educate me. Thanks, everyone!