Friday, July 31, 2009

It's A Boy!

The ultrasound went very well and we are thrilled that Rex has a little brother on the way! We know that this is a Clark baby because he was sucking his fingers through the whole episode. We can't wait to meet the little guy!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Three Little Fishies

One thing we have LOVED this summer is having 24/7 access to a pool that contains only our germs. Grandma and Grandpa opened it up and we've been taking full advantage of the refreshing, clean water as well as the fun slide and diving board. My kids love it because they don't have to fight for swimming space like they do at public pools and I love it because my kids get so worn out that they beg to go to bed every night.

Amber suddenly became an amazing swimmer and doffed her water wings. She cruises all around the pool with her head under, her nose unplugged, and her eyes open, all of which make me proud because I was such a pansy when it came to swimming as a child. She loves to swim "like a dolphin" with her arms back by her sides, and she has an astonishing lung capacity.

The culmination of her aquatic prowess happened on Saturday when she jumped off the diving board and swam the length of the pool to the shallow end all by herself. Adam and I couldn't believe our eyes. Upon emerging, she yelled out, "Merrick (her cousin) will be so proud of me!"

Karli is slowly, and I mean s-l-o-w-l-y, mustering some courage and jumped off the side of the pool to me twice today. She is not a fan of the water (she hates having her hands wet after she washes them, for crying out loud), so I am thrilled that she now will walk around on the steps, put her face in, and kick her legs. She even floated all by herself while wearing water wings in the hot tub last week, and that nearly brought tears to my eyes. Her favorite pool activity is blowing water out the wrong end of a snorkel so it splashes her face. It's hilarious!

Rex is now the proud owner of a pair of Diego water wings, which he loves. He floats all around the pool and kicks his feet and chases his football. Most of all, though, he adores drinking the water and trying to eat the dead bugs who float at the surface. Disgusting...he's such a boy...yet despite the illnesses he may contract, he looks absolutely darling scooting around the pool and gets so proud of himself! He even jumps off the side and doesn't mind going all the way under the water, which might explain the five ear infections he's had since springtime.