Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Little Fashionista

Amber dressed herself for school the other day. For one second, I thought "there is no way she's wearing that crazy getup to school!" but immediately after that, I realized how cool it was that she got herself dressed with such a funky flair and added that great bracelet to pull her look together. Even better, though, was the confidence she had as she stepped out of the car and rocked that outfit all day long. I love my little Project Runway buddy!

Big and Little

Case and his cousin, Colton, love to cruise the floor together and climb on each other and steal toys from everyone and sample crumbs on the floor. Case has three more cousins who are the same age as well, so I'm excited to get a picture of the 2009 babies next time we're all together. What cuties!

Bathtime for the Boys

I adore bathtub pictures, and it's nice to have boys because I don't have to strategically place bubbles to cover the upper-region private parts. These two boys LOVE the tub and I'm crazy about these two boys!

A tea party in the tub? How manly.

Cute Utes

While Amber insists that she's a BYU fan, I love that Karli, Rex, and Case will sport their red and white with me every Saturday. It's fun to cheer for a winning team!

Pageant Perfection

I've always been horrified by the T.V. shows I see about little girls in pageants, so I made a commitment to myself that even if my girls ask, I wouldn't let them be in pageants until they're teenagers. I still feel that way, but Amber had a chance to be an escort for a contestant in the Miss Utah Outstanding Teen pageant this weekend, and we couldn't pass it up.

My friend Tiffany asked us to fill in for Celina Wang's escort who couldn't attend at the last minute, and it turned out to be really fun. Amber couldn't wait to get on stage with her darling tiara and she stole the show (of course she did...I'm a proud mama watching her daughter just like those crazy ladies on the pageant shows!). She walked, waved, smiled, curtsied, and twirled adorably. I see pageants in her future!

Amber was thrilled to be able to wear eyeliner and blush along with the usual mascara and red lipstick that she wears to cheer performances.

I love Amber's tiara, but not as much as she does. She's worn it every minute since the pageant ended.

It was Tiffany's idea for me to sport the crown and I really love this picture. Thanks, Tiff!