Friday, January 9, 2009

Something Fun to Try

My friend Liz made this into a tag on her blog; if you're interested, try's pretty fun! Go to Google Images and type in your name. Then, post a few of the pictures. Here are a few of the other Natalie Clarks on the web:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to the Old Song and Dance

Just when I thought our nights of having random leftovers from the fridge and freezer for dinner because Adam was at a night class were over, suddenly we're reliving them thanks to the 4-hour-a-night Bar prep course he's taking at the U of U. It's pretty sad that just because my picky husband is gone, I make my kids suffer through dinner after dinner of freezer-burned miscellany in hopes of digging out the ice-encrusted contents to one day find the actual shelves. One of my major personality traits (flaws?) is that I hate to waste anything, so even if it's barely palatable, I'll fix it for the three of us girls. Tonight, we had a gourmet selection of pizza pockets, chicken and edamame stir fry with ginger sauce and several unidentifiable veggies, tomato soup with saltine crackers, and cold cereal (my meal of choice). I guess on the bright side, Adam will think his usual, in-class dinner of Pepsi and a Snickers bar is haute cuisine. I can't wait for the Bar exam to be over!

1989 Called...

...and they want their chandelier back. By all means, they are welcome to have it. Leslie recently found a killer deal on two new chandeliers for the entry and the dining room, and thank the heavens! The only complaint I could ever have about this truly gorgeous house were the ridiculous, too-small-Wendover-casino-imitation-luxury-brass-plated-white-trash-fabulous fixtures installed in its two grandest spaces. Seriously, whoever picked out the original lighting should be crucified at the hands of any remotely knowledgeable HGTV viewer. So, for your viewing pleasure, I proudly offer the before...

Oh, the horror! Make it go away!

...and the after. Much, much better. Fantastic, even!
I never believed the real estate gurus who swear that updating light fixtures adds mega value to a home until today. The new fixtures look amazing in real life (my feeble photography equipment and lack of skill just don't do them justice) and I could sit and look at them all day.