Sunday, May 10, 2009


Adam's youngest brother, Dave, is a Marine who just deployed to Iraq. All of the Clark families gathered for a week or so to hang out together before Dave left. It was riotous and cacophonous and delightful. We especially loved seeing the results of cramming six under-three-year-old children together without naps; I've never heard so much screaming/whining/crying/yelling/swearing (that would be my kids)/playing/laughing in my life! It was great fun to play Guitar Hero Metallica and horseshoes together, as well as catch up on every one's happenings and see how all of my cute nieces and nephews have grown. The "older girls", meaning the first four nieces born in the Clark family, were so amazing to help with all of the little kids (thanks, gals!). I need them to move in with me!

Among the highlights of the reunion were a family picture that actually turned out really well, Ashley's Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers birthday party (Rob obviously really enjoyed the premiere of the T.V. show "Jonas"),

finding out four families are expecting babies this year, hitting the Snoasis shaved ice stand, racing at Burgess Park, eating a wonderful fillet of grilled salmon, and the most adorable tribute to Uncle Dave by the nieces.

Last year, Kinzie wrote a song for him entitled "My Marine". Kinz, Brooklyn, Alyssa, and Ashley secretly put it to music (my sisters helped) and sang it for him during family home evening. There was not a dry eye in the house and it was so sweet!

"My faith in you is always strong and always true
When you go out there, I have faith in you!
Every once in a while, I drop a tear when I think of you
Not knowing what you're going through, all those miles
But I know Heavenly Father will keep you safe
You are my uncle, Marine and my hero
Fighting for what we believe
We will miss you so much, Uncle Dave
You're in our prayers, be safe out there
Time will go by fast
And you'll be home at last!"

All in all, it was a wonderful week full of fun, hilarity, delicious food, and great company. Let's do it again next year!