Friday, June 3, 2011

Amber is a Kindergarten Graduate!

I've never been one for graduation ceremonies. However, despite having a labyrinthitis-related panic attack in the gym and trying to wrangle three unruly children, Amber's program at school was adorable, short, and sweet. It's been a great year of learning and fun!

The kids sang a few cute songs and recited a poem.

Then they received diplomas and had a great photo op. Too bad my phone's camera isn't great.

We headed back to the classroom to pick up her portfolio and grab a snack.

Mrs. Belnap told the parents how much she loves her group of students and got choked up (she's due next week, after all) and Amber made such a funny face. I thought Amber would be used to crybaby-women by now since I am such a bawler, but no.

Then it was time for one last hug and a photo with the amazing Mrs. Belnap. She was so sweet and wonderful to Amber. I'm sad that Amber has to move on, but I know it will be fun for her to go to first grade.

Way to go, Amber. We love you and think you are a beautiful little smarty-pants. Now, bring on summer!

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