Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fabric, Glue, Sparkles, Flour, Sugar, Mess!

We've been (okay, fine, I've been) on a creative spree lately. Here are just a few of the projects I've finished in the last month or two. Sadly, by the time I'm finished making them, I have no energy to blog about them, so it's a grand notion that a picture is worth a thousand words!

Rex's superhero birthday cake, complete with homemade fondant. The inside was fresh banana cake with cream cheese frosting. Delish!

Strawberry and cream cupcakes from Our Best Bites (my new favorite baking info blog). They are divine. Try them out!

Lavender-scented bath fizzies for our moms (here's the recipe). They were so fun and easy to make and the kids helped me. You can also hide waterproof surprises inside!

8 styles of bows for the Lehi Rec Cheer teams to choose from. Now I get to make 160 more. Yay!

What started out as a cute, fairly simple variegated tutu then turned into three ensembles for the Tulip Princess Pageant in which Amber, Karli, and my niece Whitney competed. So cute!

These outfits ended up being a lot of work, but only cost me $7.20 for the whole shebang. I love the light green corset tops and lining (they lace up the cute!); the girls looked like little flower fairies. I'm also in love with the ombre effect of layering three colors of tulle inside each petal.

I found these darling leopard flip-flops at the dollar store and knew they'd be a perfect birthday gift for Amber and Karli's friend Gracie. Since they were only a buck, though, they needed some jazzing up. I added the liquid sequin fabric strips and made a cute little messenger bag to match. Since I needed coordinating fabric, I painted spots on plain white cotton. We filled the bag with goodies and it turned out to be adorable!

I was commissioned to make this robe (ha! That sounds so much cooler than "asked") for a friend of my sisters' who is undergoing chemotherapy. I hope this fabulous, luxuriously silky (and sooo annoying to sew on) fabric makes her feel glamorous. What a sad disease cancer is!

My niece Whitney's "horsey cake" with rainbow layers inside. Love!

This is my first attempt at fondant. It is a mess at the bottom but it tasted great and looked darling. Whitney was crazy about it!

This one was easy. I cut a strip off the bottom of a white t-shirt, drew on the motif with a Sharpie, and tied it around Rex's head. He's obsessed with "The Karate Kid" and he calls it his Daniel San headband. He sleeps in it. Hilarious.

Two adorable Easter ensembles for my two adorable girls. I found tutorials for the skirt and top at Made, one of my very favorite blogs to read. The girls loved these, which made me so happy! Most of the time, I spend hours making them things about which they feel lukewarm, so seeing their excitement upon finishing these get ups was priceless.

Here's to another busy month of crafting, baking, and sewing. I really love it!


Kacey said...

I'm tired just reading about all those projects! You are amazingly talented, I wish you were here to teach me fondant and sewing.

Parrish Family said...

LOVE IT!! You should do a craft blog! I bet you could make money!! And I LOVE blog bites, I check there website a lot too! And I will take one of everything!! :)

Deanne said...

Wow, great baking and crafting! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.