Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Super Rex is Three Years Old

Rex turned three on May 2 and I was, frankly, really excited for his birthday. Every time we'd go to a store, he'd ask, "Hey mom, can I have that for my birthday?" about everything he saw. He wanted a superhero birthday cake, and with my new found love of homemade fondant, my mind was racing with ideas for a cool cake. At long last, we took Rex shopping and all he wanted was a $5 DVD, Spiderman 2, and some Spiderman sunglasses. Total cost of his birthday gifts: $9.98. Sweet. We weren't about to remind him that he wanted Legos, Thor gear, the Batmobile, and a slew of other obnoxious, noise-making toys. There'll be plenty of time for that, right?

We celebrated his birthday at home by making these cute minion "cupcakes" and monster faces for dinner (taco salad arranged in silly faces).

Since the minions were made from Twinkies, frosting, and smarties, I decided we'd better sit them atop something sort of healthy, so we made bran muffins for the bases. The kids helped me decorate them and they were a big hit!

Mette helped me with this cake. The innards are fresh banana cake with cream cheese frosting. Fab-u-lous! Everyone loved it.

We had a cute little superhero birthday party for Rex and the cousins a few days later. I cut capes from two plastic tablecloths and the kids decorated them with stickers. Easy! Fun! Cheap! Perfect for toddlers! I cut some masks from felt and attached elastic cord at the edges. It was a perfect way to turn a bunch of motley little ones into adorable superheroes.

The kids went wild for the glittery foam stickers.

Super Parker!

Whitney looks like she'll have a bright future in crime fighting.

Karli is just adorable.

Hannah flew all the way from Denmark to attend. He he. We were so happy to have her there!

Aren't they darling?

Too bad you can't hear Case yelling "Du-per Man!" It's precious.

I love these pictures of Rex in his mask. He's so cute!

Rex is such a funny, sweet, smart little kid. He loves candy, climbing, cars and trucks, and everything else boy. I love the way he describes things and how he always says "HI!" to everyone. I even think it's adorable when he steals my phone, heads to the couch, and hides under his blanket so I won't know he has it. He makes our family fun and we love little Rexy to pieces. Happy birthday, Rex. You are super!


Deanne said...

Beautiful cake. Fun activities. Perfect party. Happy Birthday Rex!

Becky said...

Such a cool cake! How does fondant taste? I've seen the Cake Boss use it and I've just wondered.


I LOVE those minions!